The most important service is customer service. In all the work we do – building, renovating, extending, designing and planning – our award-winning team puts you first as we build your dream.

That means delivering quality craftsmanship on time and within budget while treating you with honesty and respect. That is our promise to you and we have systems and measures in place to ensure we deliver on our promise.

We make sure we understand your needs and objectives. Then from concept to completion, you get an award-winning team that delivers extraordinary quality and makes your project seamless and painless as possible from start to finish.

Our extensive range of service includes:

And we can work with your architect or supply our own. You can bring us plans or ask us to draw the plans for you. You can come to us after you get development approval or ask us to initiate the approval process. Or you may just want to explore what’s feasible in a particular council area.

We have the flexibility and skills to work the way that suits you. Our promise is to put you first and we mean it. We know we have lived up to our promise when you settle happily into your new surroundings, inspired and excited to be there.

Design & Proposals • From Idea To Ideal

Building your dream starts with an idea. But is that idea practical? Is it functional? Is it visually attractive?

If you can achieve all 3, you will have created ambience, that wonderful quality that makes coming home a pleasure.

Our experience in both design and building enable us to make your ideas crystal clear so there are no disappointing surprises when the building work is finally complete.

We help you turn your dream into reality that inspires and excites you.


Design & Construction • Better By Design

From concept to completion, our design and construction service can save you money while delivering the quality craftsmanship we are famous for.

By using our experienced draftsmen to create the plans for your dream, we can show you options at the design stage that will save you money when construction begins.

Design Stage • Plans You Can Count On

When you are building your dream, you need the plans to work. If your builder cannot make the plans work, you have to make do with near enough is good enough.

Our design service provides fully costed and detailed designs that are drawn from the builder’s perspective so you know they will work. You can count on our proven experience.

And we give you the freedom to choose whichever builder you want to take the plans through to construction. If you elect to seek tenders from a range of builders, we will also happily submit a competitive tender alongside the others.

For maximum flexibility and confidence, our design service is the rock your dream is built on no matter who builds it.


Feasibility Studies • Cut the Red Tape

The regulations and requirements of councils can be a minefield for the inexperienced. Do you know what your council will allow? Will your dreams be delayed by red tape?

We take away the anxiety and frustration with our feasibility studies that show you in advance whether your council will allow features you have set your heart on.

We provide concept plans and speak to the authorities to ensure there will be no delays and complications later.

Our feasibility studies are a painless way for you to be confident of what the future holds and they are done in a matter of weeks, not months.

Extensions & Renovations • Home Comforts

When you want a few more modern or updated comforts, the home you love might just need a makeover, be it Ground floor, First Floor, Attic, Bathroom, Kitchen or simply a Refurbishment.

Extending or renovating can make a world of difference without forcing you to change addresses. You can create room to move, improve your home’s functionality, make changes that suit your family’s changing needs, or simply bring to life a Lifestyle ambience that is a pleasure to come home to.

1st Floor Additions • Move Up

When you need more space, adding a DANARK First Floor will improve your Lifestyle and add value to your home as well.

Instead of moving house to accommodate the changing needs of your family, move up instead. An extra story allows you to reposition living, eating and sleeping areas to make your home more livable and more workable.

With our design and building experience you will be excited by the flexibility and functionality we can create with an extra story.

New Homes • Quality from the Ground Up

Building a new home is exciting. You live the dream when your perfect home takes shape with all the features and functions you choose.

It expresses who you are and the way you want to live so that means quality from the ground up.

Our promise to you is to deliver quality craftsmanship on time and within budget as you build the Lifestyle you have always wanted.

When it all comes together, it is a dream come true.

Attic Conversions • Utilising a Void

Converting the often unutilized void in your roof space might just be the solution for those who just need that little bit of extra room.

It can be more cost effective than a full First Floor addition, and if designed well it can achieve the right balance in utilizing the area.

Bathroom Renovations • Refresh Your Powder Room

Happy with your home, but would really like to freshen up the Powder Room, not a problem, we can help with that to.

Allow us to work with you to design, then build your new look bathroom that you’ll be happy with for years to come.

We can build an ultra modern bathroom, or if you prefer a country style, we can help with that as well. Utilising the newest and up to date trends and technology, im sure we can acheive what your after.